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Vacuum Pot

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The vacuum coffee pot is a clever device invented by Robert Napier in 1840. It uses heat, cooling and vacuum and it looks like it came from a mad scientist's lab and that makes it the coolest coffee thing ever!

Oh, it's a complex and involved way of making coffee and it's certainly not for everyday, but it has a lot of "wow" factor that can be trotted out and shared a parties and gatherings.

To brew coffee in a vacuum pot:

  1. Add the proper amount of filtered water to the bottom bulb
  2. Attach the filter to the upper bulb and fit the upper glass bulb tightly over the bottom glass bulb.
  3. Place the vacuum coffee pot on the stove, making sure that the bottom bulb is completely dry on the outside.
  4. Use a medium grind and add the grounds when the water begins to fill the upper chamber.
  5. Leave the pot on the stove for 3.5 minutes and then place on a hot pad.
  6. This is the cool part! Within 30 seconds the lower pot will cool enough to form a vacuum to pull the brewing coffee into the lower chamber, thereby separating it from the grounds.

Experiment with the heating and cooling cycles until the total extraction time is between 4-5 minutes. A great and inexpensive vacuum coffee pot available is the Bodum pot.

The upside is a cup of coffee with exceptional aroma. It's also a great alternative for those who don't like the taste of coffee brewed through paper or the "silty" nature of press pot coffee.

The downside? I think I mentioned that it's complex and involved. It's difficult to clean, has many small parts that can get easily misplaced, is extremely fragile and takes up a lot of space and storage.

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